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zhengzhou sapwells petroleum machinery manufacturing co., ltd., is a professional oil equipment and spare parts manufacturer, also the service supplier.
  sapwells is committed to the research and application of oil exploration and development, to actively promote the up-to-date technology and best products in oil field equipment and technical services that meet international standards. 
  sapwells offer various types of land-based drilling rig & supporting facilities, the rental and maintenance of professional equipment; to provide a variety of oil pipes, oil drilling and extracting equipments, the design and manufacture of modular workstations.
  sapwells has many outstanding professional engineers, who are able to provide the appropriate technical support through the preferred technical solutions, high-quality on-site services for oil drilling.
  手机在线不卡一区二区0to provide a safe, energy saving, environmental protection, new technologies and products, is the goal 手机在线不卡一区二区1sapwells always pursued. sapwells, as always to provide 手机在线不卡一区二区2the high 美国高清视频在线观看3quality service to the oil industry.